Your business can set up predefined gift cards - that is, predefined with a set of services or of a predefined value. As an administrator, you can also assign a name to such predefined gift cards so that the front-desk staff can easily identify and sell such cards. 

For example, you may configure a predefined service-based gift card called ‘Rejuvenate Gift Card’ with two Basic Manicures, two Basic Pedicures, and one Fruit Facial. Similarly, predefined amount-based gift cards with values such as $50 or $100 may be named ‘Snappy 50’ and ‘Cool Hundred’ respectively. 

You may also configure the sale and redemption of such predefined gift cards at the gift-card level itself. Consider our example again. You can restrict the sale and redemption of ‘Rejuvenate Gift Card’ to one center only or allow the sale and redemption of this card across centers at the gift-card configuration level itself as opposed to such controls being at the organizational or center level. 

As a business, you will find that such predefined gift cards instantly appeal to guests as they know upfront the services or amount included in such gift cards. Your front-desk staff can sell such gift cards directly from the POS. 


  • From the Mobile POS, you cannot sell predefined gift cards.

  • From Zenoti Web and Webstore V2, you can continue to sell regular gift cards of service or value as you do at present. 

  • From the Customer Mobile App (CMA), you can only sell amount-based gift cards - there is no change here.  

To set up predefined gift cards

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organizations > Set Up > Predefined Gift Cards.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Under General tab, enter the following details. Refer to the screenshot for details.
    a) Name: Name for the gift card such as, Happy 50 (a predefined amount gift card of $50), or Waxing Special (a predefined service-based gift card with services such as Waxing Half Legs (1), Waxing Half Arms (1), and Waxing Under Arms (1)).
    b) Description: Description of the predefined gift card.
    c) Gift Card Type: Select whether the gift card is amount-based (Amount) or service-based (Service/Day Package).
    d) Price: Enter a price only for amount-based predefined cards.
    Note: For service-based predefined gift cards, Zenoti calculates the price of services based on the price of individual services as configured for your center.
    e) Value: Enter a value only for amount-based predefined cards. The price and value of predefined gift cards can be different - for example, price may be $50 but the value could be $65. This means that a guest buys the predefined gift card for $50 but can redeem it for $65.
    f) Discount: Specify the discount you want to offer in terms of percentage or a flat amount. Select % or $ as required. For example, you may offer a 2% discount or a $2 discount.
    Note: Discount applies only to in-store sales from Web POS.
    e) Sales Dates: Specify the date range when the gift card can be sold. This date range is especially useful when you run promotional or marketing events at your centers. For example, for a Valentine’s Special predefined gift card, you can define Sale Dates as 1st to 15th Feb.
    f) Expiry: Specify when the card will expire from the options - Never, Validity Period (Days/Date), or Use center settings.
    g) One time use: Select this checkbox if you want the gift card to be used just once.
    h) Occasion: Select the occasion for the gift card such as Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas.
    i) Restrict redemption to the center where it was sold: Select this checkbox if you want the gift card to be redeemed only at the center where it was sold. You can use this option to increase the sales of such predefined gift cards during promotional or marketing events at particular centers.
    j) Gift Card Prefix: Enter a prefix for the gift card to easily identify it on the Webstore V2.
    Note: If you enter a Gift Card Prefix, you can see an additional field Webstore GC Confirmation Message. The message you enter here appears when a guest purchases a gift card from the Webstore V2. For example, if your confirmation message reads, “Thanks for purchasing this gift card! We’ll see you soon!”, the guest sees this message when she buys a predefined gift card from the Webstore. 

Similarly, you may set up a gift card with a predefined set and number (quantity) of services. See the following screenshot for reference.

   5. Click Next.
   6. Under Centers tab, for your center names, select Sale at In-Store or Show Online         to indicate whether you want to sell this gift card in-store or online, or both.

  7. Click Next.
  8. [Optional] Under Catalog, enter the following details that apply to Webstore V1               only.
      a) Show all templates of this gift card: Select this checkbox to show all images of              gift cards when guests purchase a gift card from Webstore V1.
           Note: If you want your guests to see a single image of a gift card when they buy            a gift card from Webstore V1, use the Upload Image section (Browse > select                the image > Upload).
      b) Page Title: Enter the title of the page that should appear in Webstore V1.
      c) Meta Keywords: Enter relevant keywords for the gift card to be identified and                searched easily.
     d) Meta Description: Enter a description for the gift card. 

  9. Click Finish.
      The predefined gift card becomes available in the POS for the selected centers             between the Sale Dates configured.  The front-desk staff can sell this gift card to          guests directly from the POS.

Points to Consider

  • Expired predefined cards don’t appear on POS. However, such cards appear in the center level listing.

  • Taxes are applied to predefined gift cards as per the center settings.

  • Organization level settings overrule gift card level settings. If the organization level setting, Allow sale of one-time use cards, is disabled, the cards with the One time use setting enabled (at the gift card level), will not appear in the POS.

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