If your business is on Stripe Express and if you have multiple centers, you can associate all of your centers to a single Stripe Express account to manage the payments of those centers. You can also monitor the collections and payouts of the centers through a single Stripe Express dashboard.

In this article, you will learn how you can connect to an existing Stripe Express account. 

Note: Stripe Express is currently available only in the USA.


To connect to an existing Stripe Express account, you must have the following information:

  • Mobile Number: You must have the phone number that was used to create the existing Stripe Express account. 

  • Email Id: You must have the email id that was used to create the existing Stripe Express account.
    Note: In case you do not have the phone number or the email id, please get in touch with your administrator or center manager to retrieve the existing Stripe Express account details.
    Note: The E-mail address you provide to create a Stripe Express account is tied to a single bank account. If you want to use another bank account, you must provide a new email address and subsequently create a new Stripe Express account.  

To connect to an existing Stripe Express account

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

  3. Go to the Payments tab.

   3. Alternatively, at the center level, you can also navigate to Admin > Payments
       > Settings.
       Note: This navigation requires the Configure Payments Settings role permission
       to be enabled.

     4. Expand the Integrated Payment Processor tab.
     5. Click Configure for Zenoti Payments.
          The Zenoti Payments Configuration window opens.
     6. Click Set Up Payment Account

        The Stripe Express onboarding page opens.
    7. Enter the following information:
        a. Country: From the list, select United States.
        b. Mobile Number: Enter the phone number to which the existing Stripe
            Express account is mapped.
        c. Email: Enter the email id to which the existing Stripe Express account
            is mapped. 

         8. Click Next to proceed.
              A one-time password (OTP) or verification code is sent to the specified
              mobile number and the verification page opens. 

           9. Enter the six-digit mobile verification code that you receive.
               The account is connected and the Stripe Express dashboard appears.
          10. Expand the Select Transactions Types tab in Zenoti. 

            11. Configure the desired transaction types.
            12. Click Save and Finish.
                 You have successfully connected to your existing Stripe Express account. 

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