In Zenoti you configure and send notifications to your guests updating them about their queue position and approximate wait time. 

Depending on the type of notification you configure for your business, your guests receive one of the following: 

  • Confirmation Notification: An SMS or email notification informing the guests about their approximate wait time or queue position along with a link to monitor live wait times. 

  • Next-in-line Notification: The SMS or email notification informs the guest that they are next in line for the appointment. 

  • Threshold Notification: An SMS or email notification is sent before the start of the appointment to the guest as per the time configured at the center level. For example, if you have configured that the guest should receive a notification 30 mins before their appointment start time, an SMS is sent to the guest 30 mins before the start of their appointment.  

Before you Begin

Make sure you have configured the template for the following notifications at the organization level: 

To enable the notification

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.  

  2. Navigate to Organizations > Centers.

  3. Click the center name.

  4. Go to the Settings tab.

  5. Expand the Guest Kiosk section.

  6. Scroll down and select Enable Wait time notifications for guests checkbox.
    The options to select different notifications appear to send the appointment confirmation notification to the guest. 

  7. Do the following: 

  • Select the Next-in-line notification checkbox to send the notification to the guests. 

  • Select the Threshold notification checkbox and enter the time before which you want the guests to receive notification about the appointment. 

  • Click Save.
    The notification is sent to your guests. 

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