After you have set up Configuration, Authorize, Manual Sync, Locations, Payments Mapping, and Sync Schedule, the last step to complete the integration is to verify your Shopify store details and save all configurations and details.

The Shop tab gives you a summary of your shop details such as the address, owner name, phone number, email address, URL, and the Shopify plan.

To view the details of your Shopify store

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Click Integrations.

  4. Expand the E-Commerce section.

  5. Click Shop.

You will find the following information in the Shop tab:

  • Shop Name: Displays the name of the store. 

  • Owner: Displays the name of the owner of the store.

  • Phone: Displays the phone number of the owner of the store.

  • Email: Displays the email id of the owner.

  • Customer Communication Email: Displays the email id given specifically for customer communication.
    Important: You must configure order notifications in Shopify.
    Learn about: New Order Notifications in Shopify 

  • Domain: Displays the URL of the store.

  • Shopify Plan: Displays the current plan taken in Shopify.

  • Created at: Displays the date when the store was created.

  • Address: Displays the address of the center. 

  • TimeZone: Displays the timezone of the center.

  • Price Includes Tax: Displays if the price is inclusive of tax or not using True or False

  • Is Shipping Taxed: Displays if the tax charged on Shipping is True or False. 

  • Multi Locations Enabled: Display if the multiple locations are enabled in True or False. 

3. (Optional) Click Login as Admin to log in as the administrator to change or update        the information.
4. (Optional) Click Visit Store to visit your store and view your store details.

5. If you are doing the setup, verify all the tabs and click Save.

The Shopify integration with Zenoti is complete.

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