After you have set up the Shopify integration with Zenoti, you can log in to your Shopify store with admin credentials and start setting up your store and also add products. 

In this article, you will learn to add products to your Shopify store. 

To add the products

  1. Log in to your Shopify store with Admin credentials.
    The Shopify admin page opens.

2. Select Products from the left navigation menu.

The All Products page appears.

3. Click Add Product.
    The Add Product page appears.

4. Enter the following details for the integration to work.
: You can ignore the remaining fields as these are optional to the integration.        to know about what each of these fields are, refer to the Shopify documentation. 

  • Title: Enter the name of your product along with a special feature of the product. Example: Shampoo with Keratin. 

  • Description: Enter a short description of the product and how the product will be useful to your guests. 

  • Images: Upload the images of the product. Zenoti recommends you to have at least three images of the product.  

  • SKU: Store Keeping Unit or SKU is the product code that you give to your products. Enter the SKU in this field.
    Note: The product code in Zenoti and the SKU in Shopify should be the same.
    Example: If the product code in Zenoti for a Hair Gel is HG7432, then you must ensure that the SKU code for the product in Shopify is also HG7432.

  • Barcode: If the products come with a bar code, then enter the bar code number here. 

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