The Shopify configuration tab consists of key settings to integrate Shopify with Zenoti such as Store URL and API Secret Key. 

Before you begin, you must generate the multipass secret key in Shopify. You will need this key while setting up the configurations.

To set up Shopify configurations

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations > Integrations > E-Commerce

  3. Expand the Configuration tab.

 You will find the following settings under the Configuration tab:

  • E-Commerce Platform: Select the name of the Shopify plan that you are using.  You may select Shopify Basic or Shopify Plus plan.

  • Store URL: When you register with Shopify and subscribe to one of its plans, you must enter the URL of your store. The Store URL is based on the name of your business. Every Store URL begins with https:// and ends with
    Example: If the name of your business is SpaBliss, your store URL will be

  • API Key: Contact Zenoti Support for the API key. 

  • API Secret Key: Contact Zenoti Support for the API Secret key. 

  • Multipass Secret: Enter the multipass secret key that you have generated in Shopify. This is used for Single Sign-On for your guests from Webstore to Shopify.
    Important: You can leave this field blank if you have subscribed to Shopify Basic.

  • Sync Start Date: Enter the date from when you want the inventory and the product information sync to begin.
    Important: You cannot change this date (backdate it or change it to a future date) after you select it and complete the integration.

  • Default Center: Select your designated Shopify center from the drop-down list. This center need not be a new center, you can select an existing center as well.

  • Default Custom Payment: Select the default custom payment. This is the custom payment that you create in Zenoti for your center. 

  • Default Employee: Select the default employee who will have the admin access. 

 4. Select the Active checkbox to enable the integration.
 5. Click Save.
     The Shopify configuration tab is now set up. 

Next Step: Authorize Zenoti to access your Shopify store

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