1. Why I cannot view current stock?
    You cannot view the current stock for a center for one of the following reasons:

    - You do not have the center associated to your profile.
       Reach out to your Admin for access.

    - You have not conducted stock count for more than 3 months.
       Go ahead and conduct an audit or stock count for both retail and                              consumables. 

  2. Why I do not see product category and subcategory in the report?
    By default, the report generates in compact mode. To view the product category and subcategory and other details, view the report in extended view.

  3. Why I cannot export the report?
    You may not have the Export permission enabled for your role.
    Reach out to your Admin for access.  

  4. I am unable to export the complete report?
    If you are viewing the report in compact mode and you generate the report, you will not see all the details. View the report in extended mode and then export the report.

  5. Why I don't see the value of my stock?
    You may not be able to view the value of your on-hand stock for the following reasons:
    - You cannot see the Value column as the Hide Price permission is enabled for your role. This permission controls if you are allowed to see stock value in various inventory pages.

    - You see zeroes for value due to the following reasons:
       -- Unit price or MRP is not defined for the product
       -- Purchase Order is not entered for it in the system 

  6. Why I cannot click a product link?
    The product is not associated to any vendor. In Zenoti, each product must be associated to at least one vendor in order to perform any action on the product. For more information, read our help article on vendor-product association.

  7. Can I view current stock for all centers?
    Yes. You can view the total current stock of all centers at the organization level.

  8. Why do I see the current stock of a product not the transaction history when I click a product link?
    You are viewing the current stock report at the organization level.

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