You can award awarded loyalty points to guests for their purchases. Additionally, if you want to award your guests with loyalty points for checking in or leaving feedback on social media, you could do so from Zenoti Mobile in the Loyalty tab of the Guest Profile screen. 

Before you Begin

  • Reasons: You should create reasons with the type as Loyalty Points Update. You can select these reasons when you are manually adding the loyalty points for a guest.Learn more: Create Reasons.

Add Loyalty Points for a Guest

Your employees can add loyalty points for a guest for both the Regular and Tiered Loyalty Programs.

To add points to guests under any loyalty program, do the following: 

  1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.   

2. Tap the name of the guest.
    The Guest Details screen opens.
3. Tap Loyalty Points tab.
    You can view the loyalty programs available for the guest. 

4. Tap Add Points.
    Note: The Add Points option appears only to the employees with appropriate role
    permission. You can add loyalty points for both Regular or Tiered loyalty
    programs. The Add Loyalty Points window opens.

5. Complete the following mandatory fields:
i. No. of Points to add: Enter the number of points that you want to add for your
ii. Expiry: The expiry date, by default, is set as per your loyalty points configuration
      settings (for regular loyalty program) or tier settings. However, you can tap and  
      edit the expiry date.
iii. Reason: Select the appropriate reason.
iv. Comments: Enter the comments stating the reason for adding the loyalty points.
      Note: The Add Points option appears only if all the mandatory fields are

6. Click Add Points.

 The loyalty points are added to your guest.

Things to Note: 

  • When you add the loyalty points, the accrual messages are not sent to the guest.

  • Manually added loyalty points appear under the Balance column. You can view loyalty point information such as expiry date and the number of points added in the Balance Details column.

  • Tap the ‘>’ icon to view the following loyalty point details:
    - Earned On: Date when the loyalty points were added.
    - Program: The type of loyalty program.
    - Points Earned: Number of loyalty points added.
    - Points Redeemed: Number of loyalty points redeemed.
    - Balance: Total remaining loyalty points balance.
    - Redemption End: The expiry date for the loyalty points.
    - Center: The center where the loyalty points were added for the guest. 

  • The loyalty points are visible only in the center from where it was added. For example, If an employee adds loyalty points from Boston center, then the points are added to the guest profile in the Boston center. The guest’s base center (let's say, New York) is not considered.

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