Marketing campaigns in Zenoti comprise of a discount, cashback, or loyalty points associated with a particular target segment. 

Zenoti also allows you to create Intro campaigns that are designed specifically to attract new guests and give them one-time discounts on services. 

In this article, you will learn how to create an Intro campaign and assign it to a center so that when your guests visit that center’s Webstore, they are shown the introductory prices.

To create an Intro campaign

  1. At the organization level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Media.

          Note: An Intro campaign is actually a type of media campaign. So, you must first           create a media campaign
        2. To add a new media campaign, click Add.
            The Create Campaign page opens.
       3.  Enter the following details on this page:

  • Campaign Name: Enter the name of your campaign. 

  • Offer Code: Enter a shortcode for the campaign for quick identification. Note: Ensure that you copy this code and paste it when you are enabling the Intro Price setting in the Webstore V2 template. 

  • Description: Enter all the details about the campaign, so that it is clear to the front desk staff when they apply this campaign. Click Done after you enter the description. 

  • Campaign Type: Select the campaign type as Discount.

  • Discount: Select the percentage of discount you are willing to provide on the services. 

  • Maximum Number of Times this Campaign is Applied: Enter 1.
    Note: Since this is an introductory campaign, the guests will receive this discount only once.  

  • Appointment Must be Booked Between (Start Date) and (End Date): If you want to limit this promotion for appointments that are booked in a certain period, then select a start date and end date for the appointments. 

  • Offer is Valid Between (Start Date) and (End Date): If you want this campaign to run for a certain period of time, you will select a start date and end date for the campaign.

  • Campaign can be Applied when Invoice is Between ($ and $): Enter the minimum and maximum amount the guest must spend to be eligible for the campaign.

  • Select Centers: Select all the centers that will run this campaign. 

  • Target segment Billing: Select the target segment as Never Booked

  • Limit to online and mobile bookings: Select this checkbox if you want this campaign to be applicable only for online and mobile bookings.

  • Limit offer to guests in the target segment billing: Select this checkbox to limit the campaign discounts to only those guests that you have selected in the Target Segment field. Else, this campaign will apply to all guests.

4. After you configure all the settings click Save and Publish.
    You have successfully created the intro campaign. 

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