The Styling and Custom CSS settings of Webstore V2 allow you to add images to the header, customize the link of your Thank You page, and create a custom header. This will allow you to customize the look and feel of the Webstore as per your business requirements. 

To configure the Styling and Custom CSS settings

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon. 

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. Go to Online Booking tab.

  4. Select the Webstore V2 template.  

  5. Expand the Styling and Custom CSS settings.

 4. Configure the following settings: 

  • Header Logo URL: Give the image URL of the header logo that will appear on every page of the Webstore. The resolution of the header logo image should be 40px X 275px.

  • Header Goto URL: Give the URL of your salon website or the home page. This logo appears in the header section of the Webstore.

  • Custom Header: Paste a customized HTML code to show your custom header.
    Note: If you use this option, the Header Logo URL and the Header Goto URL are ignored. 

  • Location Picker: Enables your guests to change locations as per their requirements. Note: This is based on your organization-level settings. 

  • Footer: Paste a customized HTML code to show your guests a customized footer.
    Note: If you leave this field blank, guests do not see any footer.

  • Header Find Us Image URL: Paste the Find Us page URL here. The URL will take your guests to the page with all your location details.

  • Header FAQ Image URL: Paste the FAQ page URL here. The link will take your guests to your FAQ page.

  • Thank You Page URL: You can create a customized Thank You page by inserting the HTML code in the Thank you Page field.

  • Fill Forms Help Text: Enter the text indicating guests to fill forms. For example: Fill Health Details.

  • Banner Image URL: Add an Image URL for your banner that will appear on the Webstore. As Webstore is dynamic, the banner image does not have required specifications.

  • Android App ID: Enter the id of your salon’s Android app. Android App ID is a unique application ID that identifies your app on the device and in Google Play Store. For example, com.example.myapp

  • iOS App ID:  Enter the id of your salon’s iOS app. An App ID represents one or more applications in Apple's system. It consists of two components, a Team ID and a bundle ID search string. For example:

    In this example, ABCDE12345 is the Team ID and com.exampledomain.applicationname is the bundle ID search string. The Team ID and the bundle ID search string are separated by a period.

  5. After you configure the above settings, click Publish.

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