Before you proceed to set up the Webstore V2 template, you must configure the Online Booking Setup template. This template consists of important settings such as Default Center, Online Appointment Hold, and Appointment Time Slots.

To configure Online Booking Setup template

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization-level. 

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking. The Webstore templates appear. 

  3. Select Online Booking Setup template.
    The Online Booking Setup template opens.

   4. Configure the following settings:
        a. Default Center: Select the center that will be selected by default when
            your guest opens the Webstore.
        b. Membership Sales: Assign a center as the default for Memberships sales.                     Select the check box Different center for membership sales and select
            a center from the drop-down list that appears.

        c. Package Sales: Assign a center as the default for Package sales. Select
           the check box Different center for package sales and select a center from
           the drop-down list that appears.
       d. Gift Card Sales: Assign a center as the default for Gift Card sales. Select
           the check box Different center for gift card sales and select a center from
           the drop-down list that appears.

e. Loyalty Points: Select the Hide monetary value of loyalty points check box

to hide the monetary value associated with the loyalty points. The guest

profile in Webstore and CMA will only display the points that the guest has

       f. Appointment Time Slots: Select the time interval between each
           appointment time slot.
           Example: If you select the duration as fifteen minutes, the Webstore will
           display the appointment slots as 10:00, 10:15, 10:30, and so on.
       g. Online Appointment Hold: Configure this setting to define the
          online appointment hold time.Example: If you configure the hold time as
          five minutes, the Webstore will hold the appointment for five minutes after
          the guest selects the service, provider, date, and time. The guest must
          confirm the appointment within five minutes. After the stipulated time,
          the booking is void and the guest must start the booking process again. 

h. Appointment Slot Prioritization: Select the Prioritize Specific Provider Slots for

Guests check box to prioritize the bookings of your guests with “Specific”

providers over the bookings of guests with “Any” providers. Learn more

i. Social Login Settings: To let your guests use their Facebook or Google

credentials to log in to the Webstore, select the Enable Social Login check box,

and then enter the following information:

- Facebook App Id: Enter the Facebook app id.

- Facebook App Secret: Enter the Facebook app secret id.

- Google App Id: Enter the app id or Google Client Id in this field.

- Google App Secret: Enter the Google Client secret code in this field.

Learn more

j. Facebook Meta Tag Verification Code: To track guest behavior using Facebook

Pixel on iOS 14 devices, you must complete a one-time domain verification on

the sites where you track guest behavior. Paste the meta tag verification code

generated in the Facebook Events Manager. Learn More

      k. Require Credit Card for Appointment Booking: Configure this setting, if as
          per your business policy a credit card is required for booking appointments
          in the Webstore. 

          Select any one of the following options:
          - Not Required: Select this option if you do not require a credit card for
            booking appointments on the Webstore.
          - Warn If Not on File: Select this option n to display a message to the
            guest stating that a credit card is not on file. The guest can ignore
            this message and continue with the booking of an appointment.
          - Block If Not on File: Select this option if you want to block a guest
            while booking if they do not have a card on file.
       l. Restrict Process Time Segment Outside Employee Schedule Hours: When a                guest books a service with segments, the service is divided into segments.
            For example, a service may have three segments - Service Time, Process
            Time, and Finishing Time. There may be cases when the Process Time of
            the service falls outside of the employee schedule hours. Select this
            check box to ensure that the Process Segment of the service does not
            fall outside the employee schedule hours.
          - Book Multiple Services with a Single Therapist: Select this check box if
            you want a therapist to perform multiple services in a single booking.

m. Referral Program: With the referral marketing feature of Zenoti, you can allow

your guests to refer their friends or family to any of the services that you

provide. Select the Enable Referrals for cma and the Enable Referrals for

Webstore options to make the referral program available for your guests

who book online. Learn more

n. Announcement Banner: Select the Enable Announcement Banner check box

to enable Announcement Banner on your Webstore and CMA. Select the

Allow Center Override for Announcement Banner option if you

want your centers to configure their individual announcement banners.

Learn how to Display Announcement Banner on your Webstore and CMA

  5. Click Save.
      The Online Booking Setup template is configured successfully.  

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