Zenoti Webstore V2 allows your guests to schedule appointments, specify providers of their choice, and even purchase products online. The Webstore is a convenient interface that offers your guests a chance to keep track of your new services and products.
Note: To sell products on the Webstore V2, you must integrate Shopify with Zenoti

As a user with the Owner role, you can set up and customize Webstore V2 to suit your businesses’ branding requirements. The Webstore helps showcase your marketing strategies and can go a long way in increasing revenues.

A sample image of Webstore V2

To set up the Webstore V2

  1. Make the Required Configurations in Zenoti

  2. Check the Supported Browsers

  3. Configure the CX V3 Template

  4. Configure the Webstore V2 Template

  5. Configure Webstore at the Center Level

After you configure the above settings, you can:

After you complete the setup of Webstore V2, your guests can use it to: 

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