You can use the existing templates in Zenoti to create email campaigns. Additionally, you can also create or import your own templates into Zenoti. 

When you are creating email campaigns, select a template layout that allows you to build an email and send the campaign to your guests. 

To select a template layout

1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Email/Text Message.

2. Navigate to Add Scheduled Campaign or Add Always on Campaign > Communication Channel > Email Message > Create the Content step.
   The options to select a template appear in the Create the Content step.

3. Select the template.

a. You can select a template from a specific category or also search for a template across the categories (basic, themed, and custom).

b. Alternatively, lick one of the following tabs to view different template layouts: 

  • Basic Layout: Build your campaign using the default template that consists of basic elements and sections that you can customize by inserting components such as sections, images, links, text, and buttons. You have the following template layouts in Basic Layout tab:
    - Simple Message Template
    - Simple Hero Image Template
    - Demo Template
    - Basic Template

  • Themed Template: Use one of the pre-configured themes in Zenoti that help you easily build campaigns by using these themes. You can find the following template layouts in Themed Template tab:
    - Discount Simple Template
    - Thank you
    - Shopify Store Announcements
    - Encourage a Visit
    - Product Refill
    - Service Discount
    - Service+Product Discount
    - Service Reminder
    - Members
    - Birthday Greetings
    - Anniversary Greetings 

  • Custom Template: When you build your own campaign template using the campaign Editor and save the templates using Save as Custom Template, the templates appear in this tab. You can access these templates at any point of time.

4. Click Select under a template layout to use that template.

    The template theme name appears in the Subject text box and the layout appears
     in the Email content area.

You can modify the theme by using the editor for your email campaign. 

Next step

Build Email Campaign Using the Editor

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