When you create membership for your business, you must ensure that memberships you offer are updated with the appropriate tax structure. This ensures that the right tax component is applied to invoices at the time of taking payment.

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that you have created the appropriate tax groups and have enabled them for centers. Read: Create Tax Groups.

  2. Assign tax groups to various items at the center such as services, products, memberships, packages, and gift cards. Read: Associate Tax Groups to Various Items in a Center

To select taxes for memberships

1. At the center level, click the Admin icon.
2. Navigate to Organization > Centers > Select the center name.
3. Click the Tax Groups tab.
4. Select the applicable tax group for memberships.

5. Click Save.
    The taxes applicable for the memberships are applied for your center.
Hint: To view the breakdown of each tax component for a membership in the invoice, you must enable the organization-level setting, Print tax amount on the invoice and receipt (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Invoice & Receipt section).

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