Usually if a guest likes a particular service (say, Body massage), while taking payment, the front-desk staff can upsell a membership (recurring or non-recurring) in the same invoice along with the service.   

Using Zenoti, the front-desk staff can add the appropriate membership directly to the service invoice and then redeem the benefit from it for the guest. This helps the guest buy the service with the membership benefit which can include reduced cost for the service taken or product discounts. 

Before you Begin

Make sure you have enabled the setting Enable Redemptions on Open Memberships at the organization level (Admin> Organizations > Organizations > Settings  > Memberships section)

To sell and apply membership benefit in one invoice 

1. Click an open time slot of a service provider, and then select New Appointment.
2. Specify guest details Learn how to add a new guest or select an existing guest
3. Add service for a guest
4. Click Save to complete the booking, or click Take Payment if you want to proceed
    to the payment directly.
    Zenoti adds the service to the invoice. 

5. Upsell a membership by selecting the Membership tab.
6. Click Add Membership.
    The membership is added along with the service in the appointment.
    Note: The ‘Acacia Valley’ membership includes the ‘Arm trim therapy’ service.

7. Click Memberships.

8. Select the membership from which you want to redeem the benefits and click  
    Apply button.
    Since the service that the guest had selected is part of the membership, Zenoti
    automatically applies the service credits to the invoice. 

Note: If you wish to remove the membership and its benefits, click Remove for the membership in the invoice. 

You can optionally do the following while selling the membership:

  • To apply any discount, enter the amount in the Discount on Invoice box and click Apply next to it.

  • If the customer has a cashback or a custom coupon which is redeemable on the membership, enter the coupon number in the Coupon # field and click Apply.

  • If there is any active marketing campaign going on for the membership, click Campaign list and select the campaign.  
    Note: If you apply any of the above on the first recurring payment, the same offer applies to all the remaining membership drafts. For example, if you applied a discount of $50 on the first payment of a $300 recurring membership, all the following invoices for recurring payments would be generated for $250. 


  1. Is this feature available for both recurring and non-recurring memberships?
    Yes. You can sell and redeem benefits of recurring and non-recurring memberships in one invoice. 

  2. Can I apply membership discounts while redeeming membership benefits?
    Yes. You can apply discounts. 

  3. Can I apply membership benefits in the invoice for a membership which will be active on a future date?
    No. To apply membership benefit for a guest, the membership must be active. 

  4. If Enable Redemptions on Open Memberships is selected, can I redeem credits?
    No. You can use the available service credits and discounts though.

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