If your center administrator has configured Other Fee, such fee automatically appears on the invoice and is based on your set up configurations.

Note these details in the following example:

  • Price: $110 is inclusive of tax (Organization level setting for tax inclusive pricing is ON) 

  • Tax amount: $5.00

  • List price of the item or pre tax amount: $100.00 (110 - 10.0)

  • Other fee: $5.00 (Calculated on the list price of the item or on the pre-tax amount)

If you have the permission to waive such fee, you can do so by clicking the Waive icon next to the fee amount (the icon with the two arrows). Refer to the screenshot. Notice that the icon acts like a toggle - you can waive the fee and then undo this action with the same icon. You will notice the values on the invoice automatically change after you waive or undo the waive. 

Note: If you do not have the waive permission, you do not see the Waive icon. 

You can view the Other Fee component while taking payments on Zenoti Mobile too.

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