Bill of Material, or simply BOM, is a list of products along with the quantity used to provide a service. When you create a service, you can add the BOM that will be used for it and decide if you want your staff to track it manually or Zenoti to track it for you. 

When you know that a service needs only a specific quantity of the product, you can choose to track the product automatically. However, there are situations when the quantity of these products needs to be edited. For example, for a Hair Coloring service, for the shoulder-length hair, the normal use is 100 ml of the Hair Color product. Most of the guests want the entire 100 ml to be used, while few prefer less color. In this case, the provider needs to edit the auto-tracked quantity. 

For auto-tracked BOM, a provider can edit the BOM before or after the invoice is closed. However, businesses prefer the providers to edit the BOM before the invoice is closed. This helps the providers to quickly enter the actual quantity used and not wait for the front-desk staff to close the invoice. 

Note: To edit the BOM after the invoice is closed, the Appointment Book > BOM > Edit Post Invoice Closure permission is enabled for the provider.

Before you begin, your Admin must enable the following:

  • Security role permission: Appointment Book > BOM > Edit to allow the staff to edit the BOM while the invoice is open

  • Service-level setting: Allow to override automatic product consumption in appointment book to allow the staff to edit the auto-tracked BOM

To edit auto-tracked BOM in open invoices

  1. If you are not already in Appointment Book, click the Appointment icon. 

  2. Locate the desired appointment.

  3. From the context menu, select Add Consumed Products.
    The Add Product Consumption window pops up.

4. Edit the quantity of the desired auto-tracked BOM.

5. Click Save.
     The BOM is saved. It is deducted from the inventory after the invoice is closed.

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