When you sync items from Zenoti to the accounting platform, the sync is successful if each item in Zenoti has a mapped item in the accounting platform. However, if there is no mapped item, the sync fails. You can view the Admin Sync report of the respective accounting platform to know the items that did not sync.

For a missing item in the accounting platform, you can either create it in the accounting platform or create it in Zenoti and resync the item.

To create an item in the accouting platform from Zenoti

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Reports > Accounting Platform.

  2. From the report type drop-down list, select Sale Order Summaries

  3. Using the date pickers, select the date range during which you have performed the sync.

  4. Click Refresh.
    The report is generated for the date range.

  5. Click the View Details link.
    The Sale Order Report page appears. 


Click View Details for the desired item.

Another window appears.


You can see the Create New Item button for items that are not in Xero.

7. Click Create New Item.
The Add Item dialog box appears. The fields in this dialog box vary based on the accounting platform:



You can see that the Item Code and Item Name boxes are filled automatically. 

8. Select the mapping type from the Mapped Type drop-down list. 

  • Service for service 

  • Inventory for product

9. Select the chart of accounts to which the item must be mapped in the accounting platform:

For QuickBooks - Sales Account

For Xero - Income Account, Inventory Account, and Expense Account

10. Click Add.
      The item is created in Zenoti.

Next Steps 

  1. Delete the item record in the Sales Order Summaries report.

2. Resync the items first and then the sale orders.

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