Storeroom or stock room, or simply store, is a place in your center where you receive products from vendors, your company warehouse, or another center in your company. Floor is any area that is outside the store. In order to provide a service, sell a product to the guest, or transfer the product to another center, you need to move the product from the store to the floor. 

Checkout is the physical movement of a product from store to floor by an employee. For each checkout, the Inventory manager must record it to track the movement to have accuracy in the stock levels.

Important: For businesses that have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, checkout is only available for consumables and the store and floor quantities are combined into a single quantity.

Types of Checkout

There are two ways you can record a product checkout:

  1. Manual
    Use the Inventory > Checkout menu option to record each checkout. This can be done for one product at a time or for multiple products at the same time.
    - Single
    In this, the Inventory Manager repeats the checkout entry process for each product. This is time-consuming, but helpful when the product is an expensive product. For example, your center provides the Skin Rejuvenation service using Botox. The dosage in this treatment is important and need more tracking than other services.
    - Bulk
    In this, the Inventory Manager can checkout multiple products using the bulk checkout option.

  2. Automatic
    Allow Zenoti to do the checkouts at a center level.
    This is required for checkouts that are done on a regular basis like for sale, for consumption to provide a service, and for transfers.  
    Note: For businesses that have singed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, this is enabled by default and no related setting is available in the UI (user interface).

Org and Center Level Settings

You must enable the following settings depending on how your business runs and needs checkouts to be recorded:

Org Level

  • Allow product checkout, transfer and conversion when no stock is available
    To allow checkouts (with a warning) even when the product is out of stock. 

  • Enable auto checkouts for consumable product consumption
    To allow Zenoti to record the checkouts of professional supplies

  • Manual checkout for consumption when checking out from store to floor  (select “Checkout for consumption by default")
    To enforce checkouts to be recorded for non-service related products like paper napkins that do not need granular-level of tracking

  • Enable auto checkouts from store to floor for retail product sales

Center Level

  • Enable Auto Checkouts for Transfers
    To allow auto-checkout of products for transfer

  • Enable Auto Checkouts for Product Sales
    To allow auto-checkout of products for retail

  • Enable Auto Checkouts for Consumable Product Consumption
    To allow auto-checkout based on the service-product association and consumption tracking (auto or manual)

If you've signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, you will see only the Allow product checkout, transfer and conversion when no stock is available setting at the organization level. The other settings are enabled by default, but you will not see them in the user interface (UI).

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