Businesses can have a 2-step verification for stock counts for each center. After the Inventory Manager performs the stock count,

  1. Reconcile the stock count 

  2. Approve the reconciliation if it has the minimum value deviation (between actual and projected)
    Important: If your business has enabled approvals for reconciliations, you can neither skip this step nor auto-approve any reconciliations. You will have to follow the below process to approve a reconciliation. 

Before you begin, the following settings and role permissions must be enabled for you to approve a reconcile (both retail and professional supply):

  1. Role permissions
    a. Add the Inventory Manager role to your profile.
    b. Enable Admin > Security Roles > Role >Approve Reconcile

  2. Settings at the center level
    a. Click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization> Centers.

    b. Click the Settings tab and expand Inventory.

    c. Enforce approval for reconciliation for difference between expected and audited stock value
    d. Enter the minimum difference in actual and expected required to enforce approval for the reconcile in Minimum difference in value. This is value appears on the Approval page as Threshold Limit for both retail and professional supplies.

To approve a reconciliation

  1. Ensure you are at the Org level.

  2. Navigate to the ApprovaIs page.
    - For retail approvals: Inventory > Stock Levels > Retail > Approvals
    - For professional supply approvals: Inventory > Stock Levels > Consumables > Approvals

The Approvals page appears.

You can view the reconciles for all the centers that are pending for approval. Note the Threshold Limit for each center. This is the minimum value deviation defined by your organization.

3. Click Approve for the desired center.
Note: You must approve reconciliations within 90 days from the AUDITED ON date. For reconciliations beyond 90 days, the Approve option is not displayed.

The Approve Reconcile page appears in a new tab. 

4. Verify the deviation. You can either approve it or reject it based on the threshold limit:
a. Approve Reconciliation
    i. Enter the comments, if any for approval.
    ii. Select Approve Reconcile.
   The reconcile is approved and the same is updated on the Audit page.
   After a reconcile is approved, the current stock levels are updated.
   Note: The inventory manager can submit another stock count.

b. Reject Reconciliation
    i. Enter the comments for rejection for the auditor.
    ii. Select Reject Reconcile.
   The reconcile is rejected and the stock levels are not updated. So, the inventory           manager must do the audit and reconciliation again. 

      iii. Click OK.

After a reconcile is rejected, the Approval page shows the following message:

The inventory manager must submit a new audit and get it reconciled. 

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