Every month, after an audit or stock count is performed, the inventory management system should be able to report two issues:

  • Inventory Levels: A discrepancy of expected vs. actual inventory levels

  • Usage Levels: A projection of how much product should have been used for the services administered. For example, if 75 hair coloring services were performed, the system should project how much product should have been used. This enables you to compare projected usage vs actual usage in the center.

Reconciliation is the process of comparing the expected inventory and the actual inventory. It provides the manager with data to follow up with staff and act on discrepancies. After the Inventory Manager submits the stock count data to you, you must reconcile it.
Important: For businesses that have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, the store and floor quantities are combined into a single quantity, called Current On-Hand quantity.

Before you begin, your Admin must enable the Admin > Role Permissions > Owner > Inventory Manager > Reconcile permission for your role.

To perform a reconciliation

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.

  2. Based on whether you are reconciling all retail products or all professional supplies, select one of the following:

  • Click the Inventory icon and navigate to Stock Levels > Retail > Reconcile - for all retail products

  • Click the Inventory icon and navigate to Stock Levels > Consumables > Reconcile - for all professional supplies

Let’s say that you are reconciling a stock count for all retail products. Based on the navigation, the Reconcile Inventory page appears.

If you have signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, you will see the following page:

Important: The stock count does not consider any transactions that happen on a product after the stock count is submitted.

You can view the stock count details for the all the products in the center. The products that need your attention are color coded as follows:

Product quantities that are coded in red are missing quantities. You can view the unaccounted quantities for these products in the Unaccounted (After Audit) column.

3. Search for the products using the search filters. You can search by product category/subcategory and by the vendor (to which the product is associated in Zenoti). 

To know all the products for which the quantities were manually entered, select the Manually Audited option from the filter.

Note: Use the Export (Excel or CSV) option to export the stock count data to the desired format.  This is an easier as you can view all the audited products in one sheet along with the red and green color for the product quantities that need your attention.

You can also filter the audit details based on stock that is still unaccounted after the audit using one the search filters.

4. Enter the store and floor quantities after you have reconciled, if any.
Important: If you've signed up with Zenoti after April 2020 release, you will enter the total quantity in the Reconciled On-Hand Qty column.
The unaccounted reconciled quantities are shown in the Unaccounted (After Reconciled) column.

5. Enter the reconciliation notes for each reconciled product.

6. (Optional) Click Save Changes if you want to submit the reconciliation later.

7. Click Reconcile Now to reconcile the products.

One of the following happens:

  • The stock count for all retail products is reconciled, the stock levels are updated automatically, and the Inventory Manager is allowed to submit another stock count.

  • If your business enforces all reconcile to be approved in case the value of the stock count qualifies the Minimum difference in value (set in Admin > Centers > (Center Name) > Settings, the reconcile is submitted for approval.

 Until the reconciliation for all retail products is approved, the Inventory                    Manager cannot submit another stock count for the retail products. 

However, the Inventory Manager can a submit a stock count for professional                 supplies (consumables). To reconcile a stock count for professional supplies,               navigate to Inventory > Stock Levels > Consumables > Reconcile and repeat the         complete procedure given in this article.

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