Zenoti makes it easy for you to view and track the progress of the guest checkout when using the Mirror mode, by displaying steps of the guest checkout on your desktop POS. This way, you can actively prompt your guest about the next steps and also help the guest in case of any issues.

Note: The number of steps displayed on the desktop POS, depends on the payment processor.

Before You Begin

You must enable Mirror Mode on your desktop POS and connect it to an iPad.
Learn to set up Mirror Mode.

To view the progress of a guest checkout

  1. Click Take Payment from the context menu of the appointment block.
    The POS screen opens. 

  2. Switch ON the mirror mode.
    Note: You can find the Mirror mode button on the Collect Payment screen.

   An image with text Waiting to Connect will appear. After the connection
   is established, the text will change to Connected.

    The invoice appears on the iPad.
3. Click Add Payment.
    The Online Payment window opens.

    4. Select Use Card Reader.
        Since the Mirror mode is enabled, the guest can see the invoice amount on
        the Mirror screen and can add the tips. You as a front desk, can see the
        checkout steps on your desktop POS.
        For each of the steps that are completed by your guest, you can see
        the progress on your screen.

    5. In case of a failure or an error while collecting the card payment, your screen will         display an alert. This alert will also indicate the reasons for payment failure.
        In such cases you can do any of the following:
             a. Click Retry to initiate the transaction again using the same card or
                  another card.
              b. If the guest has a card saved, you can use one of the saved cards to                              process the transaction.
                 Note: If you choose to process the transaction using a saved card,
                 this window closes. The Online Payment window opens again and you
                 must select Use a Saved Card instead? option to proceed further. (Refer to                   the image in step 3).

       After all the steps are completed, you will see the following screen indicating
       that all the steps are completed and the transaction was successful:

     After the transaction is complete, the window closes automatically, and you
     can see that the payment is added in the Collect Payment screen.

Note: For cards that require a PIN input, do not need the guest's signature to be collected.

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