Mirror Mode allows your front desk staff to use their desktop computers to create an invoice for the guest, while the guest has an iPad with the mobile POS facing them. In Mirror Mode, the front desk can view and help the guest to complete the payment process.

If you have issues connecting to Zenoti Mobile by using the Mirror Mode function, try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve them: 

Check Connection 

Sometimes your device may be stuck at ‘Connecting’ when you attempt to use the Mirror Mode function on Zenoti Mobile during the check out. 


  1. Ensure you have an active Wi-Fi or internet connection.

  2. Close and open the invoice again. After the invoice opens, verify whether the Mirror Mode function is turned ON when the connection with Zenoti Mobile is established.

Enable Mirror Mode

The Mirror Mode option is not turned on by default for your desktop to connect to Zenoti Mobile, Mirror mode must be set to ON on both the desktop and Zenoti Mobile. 


  • Navigate to Settings in the Zenoti Mobile application, tap Mirror Mode, and enable the Switch to Mirror Mode option. 

Note: Mirror Mode function does not work if Safari in the iPad is restricted, you must remove restrictions on the browser to enable the mirror mode.

  • To ensure security compliance in Zenoti Mobile when you access the mirror mode and digital forms, you must use the secure version of URL which is 'https' instead of 'http' in the Add URL window.

  • MDM users must enable whitelist Safari to launch Zenoti Mobile.

  • MDM users must also enable multi-app mode when using Safari for mirroring and accessing the digital forms.
    Note: Ensure you have removed restrictions on parallel apps.  

Connect to Correct Register 

Your business may have multiple registers configured on Zenoti Mobile and connecting to the correct register to access the invoice during check out is crucial. The Mirror Mode function may not work if you have not connected to the correct register. 


  • Verify whether Enable Invoice Mirroring setting is enabled for your center. You can find this setting by navigating to Admin > Setup > Cash Registers > (Register Name).

  • In Zenoti Mobile, verify if your center is connected to the correct cash register to collect payments.
    For example, assume that your business has two cash registers, ‘Register 1’ and ‘Register 2’.
    If you are using ‘Register 2’ to collect payments from the guest, you must select that register before you can enable the Mirror Mode function. 

Latest Zenoti Mobile Version

You might face issues while connecting to the Mirror Mode function if you are using an older version of Zenoti Mobile.


  • Visit Play Store for your Android device or iStore for your iPad to make sure you have downloaded or updated it to the latest version of Zenoti Mobile.

Contact Zenoti Support

If you do not find your issue listed in this article or you cannot resolve the connectivity issue, reach out to Zenoti Support.

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