Be a retail-heavy business or a business that’s known for a signature service using a specific product, you never want to be in a situation where this product is running low or it is completely out of stock. Your company’s revenue also depends on how calculative you are with the inventory.

While products are ordered on a regular basis, it is easy for a manager to miss low stock levels between ordering cycles.  With Zenoti, you can define various levels for each product at a center, so that you neither run out of stock nor have in excess. You can also choose to notify managers when the stock reaches a specific level and have orders (purchase/transfer) auto-created for them.

  1. Alert Level: The minimum stock quantity that you must have on hand to run your business until your inventory is replenished. If a product's quantity is below the alert level, you can allow Zenoti to alert a specific employee or a role to order the product. You can learn about notification in the later part of this article.
    Example: Let's say that you need at least  30 bottles of Hair Shampoo to run your business. You can enable notifications to be sent automatically to the desired roles or employees as soon as the stock level reaches 30.

  2. Desired Level: The quantity of a product that you want to maintain in stock at any time to run your business smoothly.
    Example: Let’s say that the desired level of a product is 100 bottles, but you have only 30 bottles left in stock. In this case, you can order 70 bottles to maintain the desired level. 

  3. Recommended Level: The quantity of the product suggested by Zenoti. It is calculated as follows,

The Current Inventory, Recommended Level and the UndeliveredQty are columns in the Inventory > Reports > Alerts report, where

  • Current Inventory = Total stock (in store and floor)

  • UndeliveredQty = Order quantity that is already raised. This column is available only if your company has enabled the Admin > Org > Settings > Inventory > Consider raised purchase orders/transfer orders for calculating Auto PO/TO quantity setting.

 The Recommended Level is is calculated for a product ONLY when
Desired Level > Recommended Level.

So, not all products will have the Recommended Level. For products that do not meet this condition, the Recommended Level is blank.

Example: Let's say that, for the Hair Shampoo product, you have set the Desired Level as 70. You have 30 bottles in stock and there are 20 bottles that you have raised and waiting for delivery.

Current Inventory - 30

Desired Level - 70

UndeliveredQty - 20

Recommended Level = (70 - (30+20)) = (70-50) = 20, which is less than the Desired Level (70)

Since, the condition is not met, in this case, the Recommended Level is blank for the Hair Shampoo product.

4. Order Level: The stock quantity that should be ordered to maintain the desired level.

To set Alert Level for a product

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Products.

  2. Click the product code to edit it.

  3. Click the Price tab.
    You can view the pricing, tax, and stocking details for the product.

To set Alert Level for a product that is Both (retail and professional supply)

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Products.

  2. Click the product code to edit it.

  3. Click the Price tab.
    You can view the pricing, tax, and stocking details for the product.

The Product Levels window pops up.

5. Enter the order, desired, and alert quantities for retail and for consumable. 

6. Click Save.
The total quantities are updated for the product.


After you have set the alert levels, and notifications (SMS or Email) are enabled for your organization, you can choose to notify the Inventory Manager or a specific employee when a product's quantity reaches the Alert Level to avoid overnight shipment charges. You can set the notifications either at the Org level or at the Center level

Note: The notification is sent only after the product level goes below the alert level. For example, if you have this set to alert level to 0, the stock has to be -1, only then you will be able to see the product in the auto order.

To set Notifications for the Alert Level

  1. Navigate to the Alerts tab.
    - At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.
    - At the center level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization> Centers.
    The Organization or Center page appears based on the navigation.

  2. Click the Alerts tab.
    Note: The Alerts tab appears only if the Enable Alerts checkbox is selected.

3. Toggle the switch to from OFF to ON for Product level is running low.
The Edit Alert Rule window pops up.

4. Select the Delivery Mode and Recipient Type as desired.
You can add multiple roles and employees.

5. Click Save.
The notification is enabled and the details are saved.

Auto PO/TO

When a product current stock (including any undelivered orders) is less than the Alert Level defined for it, following takes place:

  1. A notification is sent to the recipients (as defined in the Alerts tab).

  2. An order is auto-created when you navigate to Inventory > Procurement > Orders and select Add Order (Auto) for purchase order or Add Transfer (Auto) for transfer order.

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