After you have created a return order, you can edit it before you can raise it in Zenoti. A raised order is not sent to the vendor. You have to print, scan, and send it to the vendor. Alternatively, you can email it from Zenoti, only if email notifications are enabled for your organization.

To raise an already created return order

  1. Click the Inventory icon. Navigate to Procurement > Orders.

  2. Locate the order.

  3. Click the desired Ref#.
    The return order is opened for editing.

4. Click Submit.
The return order is raised and the status is updated to Raised.  

The following two fields are used to record the undelivered quantities:

  • Retail Qty: (Retail Raised for return - Retail Received by vendor)

  • Consumable Qty: (Consumable Raised for return - Consumable Received by vendor)

When you submit a return order, it is not sent to the vendor. You have to send it by printing it or by emailing it from Zenoti.

Next Steps

Complete the following steps:

  1. Print the order or email it to the vendor

  2. Mark the order as returned

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