Unit of Measurement (UoM) or just Unit, is the way to define how your company wants to measure a product's quantity. It allows you to quantify and track the products in stock. 

In Zenoti, for each product (or product kit), you can define what one unit of the product mean. Generally, for retail products the UoM is Units, while for the professional supplies it can be ml, gallon, oz, grams, etc.

For example, one of your vendors may supply products in bulk as 50 bottles in one case. So, for the vendor, 1 carton is 1 unit. However, when you receive the delivery, you unbundle each carton and consider 1 bottle as 1 unit. 

If your company is into medi-spa and your company offers skin rejuvenation services, each provider must use a specific dosage of the product to provide a service. For example, in case of the Botox treatment, depending on the age of the guest, the provider is supposed to use only the prescribed amount of the botox. Here, you must set up the unit of measurement as ml. 

In services you can define the amount of the product that can be used for the service. In case, you are not sure of the amount of the product that can be used, for example, the Hair Shampooing service may need different amount of the shampoo based on the hair length of the customer. In this case, the staff can add the consumption details. You can restrict the entry of consumption details by only specific roles.


The way you define UoM for a product, affects your entire inventory. Especially, when you are raising orders, you need to enter the quantity of the product you are requesting from the warehouse or purchasing it from the vendor. 

To set the UoM for a product

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Resources > Products.

  2. Click the product name for which you want to set the units.
    The product details are displayed.

4. Select the UoM for the product.
Example: Let's say that the product is for retail, you will select Units as UoM.

5. Enter the amount of the product.
Example: If 1 bottle of the Hair Shampoo is 1 product, you will enter 1 in the Amount field.

In case of product kits, though the kit is a group of products, in the Amount field, you will still enter 1, not the number of products in the kit.

6. Click Save.
The product unit along with the amount of the product is defined.

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