If you are a retail-heavy business, you have hundreds of products in your inventory, purchased from various vendors. Creating purchase order for each vendor is time-consuming. 

With Zenoti Copy option for purchase orders, it is possible to copy purchase details from one order to another.

To copy a purchase order

  1. Locate the order you want to copy.

  2. Click the Ref# of the order to open it.
    The order is displayed.

  3. Click Copy to Purchase.
    The Copy To Purchase dialog box opens.

4. Select the vendor you want to order from.

Note: After you select a vendor in the pop-up, you cannot change it later. 

5. Click OK.
A purchase order is created with the same order details. You can edit the details and add or remove products from the order. However, you cannot change the vendor that you have selected in step 4.
Note: Products that are in the original purchase order appear in the copied purchase order only when products are mapped to the vendor.

After you have copied an order, you must raise it. You can also email it to the vendor from Zenoti.

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