After you have created a purchase order, you must raise it and email it to the vendor. 

Few businesses, allow only the warehouse or the corporate office to raise orders. In such a case, a center is allowed to only create the order, but not raise it by enabling the following setting:

Admin icon > Centers > Center Name > Settings > Inventory > Cannot raise purchase

To raise a purchase order that is already created

  1. At the center level, click the Inventory icon.

  2. Navigate to Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Purchase Orders & Transfers page appears.

  3. Locate the order with Status as Created.

  4. Click the Ref# link of the purchase order.

The purchase order is opened for editing.

Note: By default, employees with any role permission can view various prices (unit price, mrp, on-delivery price) on the purchase order. However, if the Admin has selected the Admin > Organizations > Security Roles > Role Name >Permissions tab > Role > Inventory > Hide Price  for your role, the prices are hidden.

5. (Optional) Add or edit product details like the required quantities, unit price, discount, and tax. You can also add additional products that you want to procure from the same vendor.
Note: You can purchase products from only one vendor using one purchase order. To purchase products from different vendors, create a separate order for each vendor.

6. Click Save & Raise.
The purchase order is raised in Zenoti and it moves into the Raised status.

The following two fields are used as counters for the undelivered quantities:

  • Retail Qty: (Retail Raised - Retail Received)

  • Consumable Qty: (Consumable Raised - Consumable Received)

Important: If you cannot find the Save & Raise button, either your warehouse does not allow centers to raise orders or the Raise_Order permission is not enabled for your role. 

In case, the Consider raised purchase orders/transfer orders for calculating Auto PO/TO quantity setting is enabled at the Org level, as soon as you raise a purchase order, the following fields are updated in the Inventory > Reports > Inventory Alert Reports page: 

  • Retail Undelivered Qty for retail is updated with the Retail Qty and Consumable Undelivered Qty for consumable is updated with the Consumable Qty 

  • Recommended Level for retail is reduced by Retail Qty and Recommended Level for consumable is reduced by Consumable Qty

Next Steps

Complete the following actions:

  1. Email the purchase order to the vendor

  2. Receive delivery partially or fully

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