Return order is a form that you submit to your vendor or supplier to return products that are damaged/expired or received in excess. 

You might return products because of the following reasons: 

  1. While receiving the order, if you see that the products are damaged or expired before you accept them in Zenoti. In this case, you can mark the delivery as partial and return the products to the vendor.
    You don’t need to submit a return order for this.

  2. After receiving a delivery, you check in the products to your store and accept them in Zenoti. When you unpack a product and you notice that, for example, the seal of a bottle is broken.
    You need to return the products by using a return order.

  3. When your guests have returned products that you sold from the POS or from the webstore.
    You can return the products by using a return order.

How to Return Products to Vendor?

In Zenoti, you can return products in one of the two ways:

  1. Mark the delivery as partial to not consider the damaged/expired quantity.
    Important: Current stock levels are not impacted by this approach.

    Example: You have raised a purchase order for 20 bottles of Hair Conditioners for professional supply. While you are receiving a full delivery from the vendor, you notice that there are 2 bottles that are damaged. You can edit the received quantity in the purchase order as 18 bottles instead of 20 bottles and mark the delivery as Partially Delivered. You can also add a note in the purchase order for returning the products and email the purchase order in Partially Delivered state to the vendor.

  2. Raise a purchase order with negative quantities to the vendor. You can copy a delivered purchase order and edit the quantities in negative.
    Important: Current stock levels are impacted by this approach due to the negative quantities.

  3. Submit a return order to the vendor.
    Important: Current stock levels are impacted by this approach due to the negative quantities.


In Zenoti, a return order goes through different stages right from it is created until it is marked as returned.

Order is created and saved as draft. 

Order is submitted in Zenoti, but not sent to the vendor. Use the Email to Vendor option to send a PDF copy of the order.

Raised order is edited and saved, for example, the credit note is added.

Order is marked as returned after the vendor confirms the return.

Product Returns from Guests

Your guests can purchase products from POS or Webstore. Or, they can receive products as part of a series package (free and bundled products), or as gifts or promotional kits from your company on its anniversary. There’s a possibility that these products are damaged or expired.

When your guest returns a product, your company can choose if the front desk can discard it or restock it.

*You can learn about reselling a returned product in the Post Restock section in this article.

  • Discard: Refunds the product. This makes the product discarded and the entire returned quantity becomes the discarded quantity. You can view the Inventory > Reports > Returns to know more details about the return. After the staff discards a product, you must perform a stock count to have the correct quantity showing up in the current stock and other reports in Zenoti. Use notes while reconciling the product to record the reason for discarding.

  • Restock: Refunds the product and restocks it to the floor (or on-hand stock). In case the guest has purchased, let’s say, 3 bottles of a Hair Shampoo, and found 1 bottle as damaged, but returned all 3. The staff also checks and confirms that 1 bottle is damaged and cannot be restocked, the staff must be allowed to restock 2 bottles and discard 1 bottle. In Zenoti, you can allow the staff to enter restock quantity and discard quantity using the Admin > Organizations > Settings > Inventory > Allow to restock returned products.
    Note: Restock increases the on-floor (or on-hand) quantity of the product.

You can view the Inventory > Reports > Returns to know the sold quantity, restocked quantity, and the discarded quantity.

Post Restock

After your staff has restocked the product, you can choose what you can do with the restocked product:

  1. Return to Vendor
    Return the product to the vendor from where you have purchased it.

  2. Resell
    Resell the product, if let’s say the packaging got damaged but the product is in good condition, you can do the repackaging and sell it.

  3. Convert n Consume
    Convert the product from retail to consumable and use it for professional supply. This increases the consumable quantity of the product.

  4. Transfer to Warehouse
    Transfer the product to a center in your company that is a warehouse for damaged/expired products. You can do this when you do not want to discard it or have it in your center (for retail or professional supply), but track it in the future.

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