When you do a stock count of your inventory, you must have all the products physically present in your warehouse. If you are waiting for deliveries or you are a retail-heavy business, scanning the products or manually counting them over days or even weeks, you can keep entering the stock count data for the available products and save the data. After, you are done entering details for all the products, you can finally submit your stock count.

You can also use the Zenoti Import/Export option to export stock count format and data from Zenoti to Excel or CSV format, conduct stock count, and import it back into Zenoti. This is very effective and time-saving.

Before you begin, ensure that the Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Role > Inventory Manager > Add permission is enabled for your role.

Important: Follow these steps even if you are conducting stock count or audit for the first time. 

To enter and save stock count data

  1. At the center level, click the Inventory icon and navigate to

    • Stock Levels > Retail > Audit - for a retail stock count

    • Inventory > Stock Levels > Consumables > Audit - for a professional supply stock count

Let’s say that you are auditing retail products. The navigation opens the Retail Audit page.

Important: In case you’ve signed up with Zenoti after the April 2020 release, you will only see On-Hand Qty, which is the sum of Store and Floor quantities.

You can see all the retail products that are active in your center.

3. Search for the products by using the following search criteria:
a. Single Product

  • Name or Code: Enter the name of the product or its code

  • Barcode: Enter the barcode. 

b. Multiple Products

  • Product Category & Subcategory: Select the parent category and subcategory of the products

  • Tag: Enter the tag to get products with the same tag

Important: If you are unable to find a product, reach out to your admin to add the product and make it active in your center. 

4. Enter the quantity of the product found in store in the Qty In Stores textbox and in floor in the Qty On Floor textbox during the stock count.  

In case you see only the On-Hand Qty textbox, enter the total quantity in this box.
Note: You cannot enter negative quantities.

You can also export the audit sheet to Excel or CSV format, enter the audit information, and import it back into Zenoti.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve entered information for all the products for which you want to conduct the stock count.

 6. In the Notes field, enter any information related to the audit or any message to the Reconciler.

 7. Click Save Changes.
The stock count data is saved. If you want to enter stock count for other products in your center or review the already entered data later, you can do so and click Save Changes. After you are done, you can submit the stock count.

Next Step: Submit Stock Count

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