Using Zenoti, you can create email campaigns by entering the required campaign information, selecting communication channels, campaign type, and selecting the recipients of the mail.
The Rich Text editor (Marketing > Campaigns > Email/Text Message > Add Scheduled Campaign or Add Always on Campaign > Communication Channel > Email Message > Create the Content) allows you to easily access, design, manage, and save templates which you use for your email campaign.
Note: If your editor looks like the one shown below, you may be using the new version of the editor. For instructions on creating campaigns using the new version of the editor, read: Email Campaign: Using the Editor.

Create the Content using Rich Text Editor

Organization or centers can create their own email template. However, centers cannot delete the email template created at the organization level.

You can use any of the two available options to create an email campaign:

  • Use available template

  • Create from external HTML code

I. Use any available Template

  1. Templates: Select a preferred layout of your email template.
    The available options are: Basic Layout, Themed Template, and Custom Template.

2. Click Select to choose the desired template.

The Email content field shows the entire HTML code of the template in the Source mode. 

3.  Make necessary changes to the body text using the Rich Text Editor menu.

Note: You can use the editor to make changes, insert images or links, modify the format for the content or elements in the template.

4. (Optional) click Source to change the email content into 'Design' mode and edit the     template's HTML code.

5. (Optional) Use any of the available macros to customize your email/text campaign.      You can also include the custom macros in your content.

6. (Optional) Select Add plain text email and enter body text of the email.

7. If you want to save this email template for future use, click Save as Custom 

    Template. Give a name to this template and click Save to save the name.

8. After you are done with the edits, proceed to the final step in creating the Email 

    campaign: Save and Finish.

II. Use an HTML page you designed outside Zenoti 

If you have created an HTML page as per your style standards, you can select the option: Import HTML Code

1. Select Source on the menu bar of Email content field.

2. Copy the HTML code from the source and paste it in the Email content
: Ensure you select Source, else, your email will contain the HTML code instead of the actual displayable content. 

3. (Optional) Click Preview to see how the email appears to the recipient. 

4. (Optional) Click Send Test Mail and enter an email address to send a test email        
    before you send out a campaign to your guests.
5. Click Done.

III. Save and Publish
It is important to save the template designed for your email campaign. You can choose one of the following options. 

  • Click Save and Close to save the campaign as draft.

  • Click Send Now to send out the campaign.

Option for Guest to Unsubscribe from the emails

Zenoti automatically includes an option to unsubscribe, at the end of every email sent to the guest. When a guest chooses to unsubscribe, Zenoti records their response and ensures that the guest will not be included in the mailing list.

Guest will not receive any notifications, even if they are eligible for special offers or discounts.

Resubscribe the Guest to Notifications

If a guest wants to receive the emails again, turn on the check boxes (shown in the image) in Guest profile:

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