When your guests book an appointment on the Webstore V2, they can add the booked appointment to their Google Calendar. 

Google Calendar sends timely notifications to the guests if the appointment is added, and this allows for better time management. The guests can also share the calendar with a specific group in case of a group appointment and make sure everyone is present at the center at the time of the appointment.

How to add an appointment to Google Calendar

Your guest takes the following actions: 

  1. Open the Webstore URL or navigate to the Webstore from the salon website.
    The Webstore opens and the Location pop-up appears. 

  2. Select the appropriate location. 

  3. Select a service.

  4. Select a provider.

  5. Select a date and time for the appointment.

  6. Click Book.
    The Payment screen appears.

  7. Enter the payment details or use a saved card. 

  8. Click Confirm Booking.
    The booking confirmation screen appears.

   9. Click Add to Google Calendar on the booking confirmation screen.
       Google prompts you to log in to the Google Account.
  10. Log in with your credentials.
        The calendar summary appears.
Refer to the following image:

   11. Click Save.
        The appointment is added to your Google Calendar. 

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