When a guest signs up on your Webstore V2, a guest profile is created with the following sections:

  • Profile

  • Appointments

  • Memberships

  • Series Packages

  • Gift Cards

  • Payment Details

  • Products

  • Sign Out

Learn more about the sections of the guest profile.

If you are a business that does not deal with Memberships, Series Packages, or Products, it does not help to display all the sections in the guest profile. It may lead to unnecessary guest queries related to the purchase of memberships and packages.  

Zenoti allows you to configure the display of the sections in the guests’ profiles so that you display only the relevant sections.

To configure the display of the sections

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking

  3. Select Webstore V2 template.
    The template settings open.

   4. Expand the Guest Profile drop-down list.
       The Guest Profile settings open.

   5. Enable the desired sections to display them in the guests’ profiles.
   6. After you configure the above settings, you may click any of the following:
       - Save as Draft: Select this option to save all the settings. This will not publish the            settings.
       - Publish: Select this option to publish all the configured settings.
       - Preview: Select this option to preview all the configured settings.

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