Guests usually tend to repeat the services they have taken in the past. 

Webstore allows your guests to book the services taken earlier, by rebooking the services from the Appointments tab in their profile.

Important: Your guests can rebook only individual appointments, but not group appointments.

To rebook an appointment

Your guest takes the following actions: 

  1. Navigate to the Webstore either from your organization website or by opening the Webstore URL.
    The Webstore opens and the Location pop-up appears. 

  2. Select a Location.

  3. Click Sign-in.
    The Sign-in page opens. 

  4. Enter the Username and Password to log in.
    The Webstore home page reloads. 

  5. Click the name of the guest in the top right corner.

         The guest profile opens.
   6. Click the Appointments tab.
        The Upcoming Appointments tab opens.
   7.  Click Past Appointments tab.

        A list of all the past appointments appears with two buttons - Rebook and                       Feedback.
   8. Click the Rebook button.
        The service page appears.
        The services, add-ons (if any) and the therapist are auto-populated based on the           past appointment.
             a. If the guest had selected a specific therapist earlier and if that specific                          therapist is not available currently, the guest must select a different                               therapist to proceed further.
             b. If the past appointment included a mandatory add-on, the Webstore                              displays the mandatory prompt to the guest. The guest can choose to                            select the add-on or skip the add-on.
    9. Select an available time slot. 

   10. Click Book.
         The Confirm Booking screen opens.
    11. Make the payment and rebook the appointment.
        The appointment is booked and the guest can verify the same in the
        Upcoming Appointments tab of the guest profile.
    12. After the appointment is booked, the guest can do any of the following:
          a. Home: Click this button to proceed to the homepage of the Webstore.
          b. Book Again: Click this button to book another service.
          c. Add to Google Calendar: Click this button to add the booked appointment
              to the guest's Google Calendar.

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