Employees (mostly, providers) can set up tasks for themselves (to further guest management) so as to keep track of all their action items. This goes a long way in ensuring the smooth running of your business. 

Tasks may also be auto-created such as say, when guests do not come in for their scheduled appointments or when guests cancel appointments. In both these cases, the task is for the provider to call such guests and schedule appointments at the next convenient date. 

When to Use this Report?

Use this report to:

  • View a quick summary of employee tasks to get an overview of their action items. 

  • Check the high priority tasks and their Due Dates. 

  • Glance over tasks that are in Open status and decide on the next steps. 

  • View tasks of terminated employees - this way, you don't lose track of tasks of employees who were terminated. You can also reassign these tasks to other employees. 

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