You can accept card payments on your desktop POS PC running on Windows OS by connecting the Ingenico iPP350 card reader terminal via a USB.  

In this article, you will learn about the steps involved in connecting an Ingenico iPP350 card reader via USB to a Windows PC.

To configure Ingenico iPP350 card reader:

  1. Download and install the drivers of the iPP350 (SCR Tupelo Terminal Software) on your Windows PC.
    Note: Ensure to download the production version of the drivers.

   2. Change the Connectivity Type to USB on the iPP350 card reader.
   3. Edit the config file and change the currency from the default NZD to AUD.
       - Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\DPS\Eftpos_scr on your Windows PC.
       - Open the file pxscrcontroller_cfg in a notepad.

         - Edit the currency line. By default, the currency is set to NZD. Change it to AUD.
         - Save the file and close it.

     4. Add iPP350 as a terminal in Zenoti.
         After you add the Ingenico iPP350 as a terminal in Zenoti, you can start using
         it for taking payments that are processed by Payment Express.
         Note: Ensure that the service Payment Express SCR200 Controller is running                for you to take the payments.

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