A bill of materials (BOM), or product structure, or recipe of a service is a list of the raw materials or parts, and their quantities to manufacture an end product.

To extend control over consumable products and who can enter product consumption data from the Appointment Book or from Zenoti Mobile, you can enable or disable permissions for roles. 

Note: This feature is also available in Zenoti Mobile (iOS and Android).

To restrict the entry of professional supply to a few employees via permissions

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

  2. Click on the desired name.

  3. Click the Permissions tab and expand Appointment Book.

  4. In the BOM section, select the View, Add, Edit, Delete, and Edit Post Invoice Closure checkboxes, as required.
    a) View: Controls who can view the option Add Consumed Products in the context menu in the Appointment Book. Usually, this means such a user has the Add permission too.
    b) Add: Controls who can add consumed products. Such users can see the Add button on the Add Product Consumption screen.
    c) Edit: Controls who can edit the consumed products for an open invoice.
    d) Delete: Controls who can delete the consumed product details already entered.
    e) Edit Post Invoice Closure: Controls who can edit the invoice even after an invoice is closed.

    Note: Even if these service level settings are turned on (Allow product consumption entry in appointment book and Allow to override automatic product consumption in appointment book) the final control of who can view and add professional supply is controlled by the role permissions.

  5. Click Save.
    Depending on the permissions you give, employees will be able to add product consumption data. 

Refer to the screenshot for details on what the staff (such as an employee, manager, front desk) will be able to do (or not do) based on the permissions enabled. 

In this case, the employee has the permission to View, Add, and Delete product consumption data (employee sees the option to Add Consumed Products in the context menu, employee can enter details of product consumed and use the Add button in the Add Product Consumption screen,  employee can also use the Delete option (X mark) to delete product consumption details, if entered wrongly.)

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