If your business charges a no-show or a cancellation fee, guests may ask why they were charged this amount. Or, guests may come in for appointments that they have, in fact, canceled, and ask why their appointment is not showing up. 

To answer such queries, the front desk staff must quickly check if an appointment was a no-show or was canceled. This view also comes in handy to give quick clarifications to guests and also makes it easier for the front desk to follow-up and reschedule appointments. 

To view no-show and canceled appointments

  1. Click Options on the top panel of the Appointment Book. 

  2. Select View Canceled/No Shows from the context menu.
    The canceled and no-show appointment blocks appear in a lighter shade.
    Refer to the screenshot.
    Note: To hide the canceled/ no-show appointments, click Hide on the message that appears at the top of the screen. Refer to the screenshot. 

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