A membership may offer service discounts, membership credits, product discounts, service credits (free services), or a combination of these. If a guest has a membership that includes a product discount, Zenoti applies the discount to the invoice while taking payment.  

Product Discount defined for a membership

If your guest’s membership has a product discount defined, the discount is automatically applied to the invoice, depending on the type of membership. To know how to set up product discount for membership, read: Set up Product Discount for Membership

Example: You sell guest a Gold Premium Membership that offers a 10% discount on the product, Sea Weed Hair Shampoo.

Assume that the guest wants to use this membership. In this case, Zenoti automatically applies 10% product discount in the invoice, when the guest purchases Sea Weed Hair Shampoo.

Conditions to Apply Product Discounts 

You can apply product discount to an invoice, only when the following conditions are met:

  • Guests should have a membership that offers discount for the product the guest wants to purchase. 

  • Guests should have an active membership.

  • If the membership is expired and the organization setting does not allow benefit redemption after membership expiry, guests cannot use product discount. 

  • Guest’s with frozen membership cannot use discounts if the organization settings does not allow benefit redemption.

How are Product Discounts Applied to an Invoice

Product discounts are applied in one of the following two ways: 

  • Product Discount Applied Automatically: Automatically applied by Zenoti when a guest uses the membership to apply product discount on a purchase.  

  • Product Discount Applied Manually: Manually applied by the front desk by selecting a membership type to apply the product discount. 

Product Discount Applied Automatically 

As long as the membership has the product benefits defined, Zenoti automatically applies the product discounts to the invoice for the guest. 

If your guest has enabled Autopay, the product discount is automatically applied in the invoice and the guest is charged with any pending amount when the front desk selects Complete Autopay. 

Apply Product Discount Manually to an Invoice

Usually, Zenoti automatically applies the product discount to an invoice if a product discount is set up for the guest’s membership.
In some scenarios, the front desk may want to select a different membership that allows discount on products purchased by the guest or if the front desk has accidentally deleted the auto-applied membership, and they need to manually apply discount to the invoice. 

To apply product discount manually to an invoice

1. Click the Appointment block and select Take Payment from the menu.
   The Invoice page appears.
2. In the Invoice page, select the product the guest wants to purchase.

3. Select a membership from the Membership drop-down list. 

4. Click the Apply button.

    The product discount is applied and appears on the invoice.     

  Hint: To remove membership and add another, click Remove and repeat steps 3 to 4.

 5. Collect payment and close the invoice using one of the following options: 

  • Close and Print (Zenoti closes the invoice and generates a print preview of the invoice) 

  • Close and Email (Zenoti sends out an email to the registered email address of the guest). 

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