There are a set of parameters - Description, Criteria, and Operators which are used  to build custom target segments based on guest information provided in the custom service forms.
To know how to set elements in your service form which allows you to identify the target segment, contact Zenoti Support. 

Criteria: Fields in the Service Form such as ‘Allergic to a substance’, ‘Autoimmune diseases’, or ‘Using medication for a Health condition’

Operators: Depends on the criteria you select

Description: You can create target segments based on fields within the custom service forms you use.  

Example: If you have a custom service form to capture the guest’s information for service such as ‘Threading’, and you can get details like ‘Are you Diabetic?’ or ‘Do you have a health condition that prevents you  from taking the service?’ then, you can create a segment of guests based on these fields. 

For example in the following image, you can create a segment of guests who have selected ‘Yes’ in the service form (Aug Form) for field ‘Do you have any autoimmune disorders such as diabetes?’ and send out a campaign to the guests on how your new service prevents such guests from being cut accidentally while performing 'Threading' service and give them safe experience. 

At times, Zenoti might take time to load the guest count based on the rules. In this case, you might a message. Click Ok and try again.

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