A macro is a placeholder text that gets replaced with specific data when inserted into an automated email or text message when you create a campaign for your business.It helps a business to customize its communication with the guests.
For example, when you use the [CenterName] macro, the text in the square brackets gets replaced with the actual center’s name. So, when an email/text message is sent to a guest, the center name where the guest booked a service appears in the message.

When creating a text or email communication, (Marketing icon > Campaigns > Email/Text Message > Create a new campaign > Communication channel step > Text/Email > Create Content step) you can make use of the available macros in Zenoti.
You can include information, such as center name, guest name, loyalty points, provider name who performed last service. 

Use the following macros to customize emails or text messages for your campaigns:

  • [FirstName]: First name of the guest. 

  • [LastName]: Last name of the guest.

  • [CenterName]: Name of the center from where the campaign is sent. 

  • [OrgName]: Name of the organization from where the campaign is sent. 

  • [GuestReferralCode]: The referral code that can be used to refer a new guest.
    Note: This macro is a part of the referral marketing program that is available coming August 2020.

  • [CenterPhone]: Center’s phone number (corresponds to the Phone field in the center’s settings).

  • [LogoURL]: The logo of your business which is embedded with a URL. Guests can select the URL to visit your website. 

  • [CenterCity]: City where the center is located.

  • [CenterAddress]: Complete address of the center (corresponds to the Address 1 and Address 2 field in the center settings).

  • [DownloadLink]: Link to download the Customer Mobile Application (if enabled by the organization) via Play Store or iStore.

  • [ClaimAccountLink]: Link that redirects the guest to the Webstore where the guest, as a first-time user, can set up a password for their login.

  • [CenterState]: State where the center is located. 

  • [CenterZip]: Zip code/postal code of the center’s location.

  • [CenterE-mail]: Email address of the center.

  • [OpenSlots]: Date and time of available slots for appointments appear. To know how to configure open slots for your campaigns, read: Send Open Slots Availability through Campaign

  • [BookingURL]: Link URL that redirects the guest to the booking page (your website or Zenoti Webstore services listing page).

  • [GuestCode]:  Unique identification code assigned to your guests when you enter their details in Zenoti.Note: Zenoti generates a Guest code only if you select Enable auto-generate guest code in center settings at the organization level (ADMIN > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Guests).
    However, if you do not enable the setting, you must manually enter a code when entering the guest’s details in Zenoti. 

  • [LoyaltyBalance]: Loyalty point balance after the current accrual or redemption.

  • [LoyaltyTier]: Name of the tiered loyalty program to which your guest belongs.

  • [LastVisitCenterName]: Name of the center which the guest has last visited.

  • [LastVisitServiceReceived]: Name of the service which the guest has received during the last visit.

  • [LastVisitServiceProviderName]: Name of the provider who has performed service for the guest during the last visit.

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