Annotation allows you to highlight, name or label, or assess different aspects in an image. These visual representations are created to bring specific areas to the provider’s attention for service or treatment.

After you create a service form, you can give instructions, dosage details, highlight or add images in the form and annotate them for providers. 

Zenoti provides options to annotate the image in a service form. Download and refer the sample HTML form with annotation to know how to add annotations to forms.  

Annotation Options 

In the form, you can use the following options to annotate the image: 

  1. Undo: Undo the last change you have performed. 

  2. Camera: Enables the camera option in your device. Using the camera you can capture a photo of your guest and annotate it. 

  3. Rectangle: Allows you to create a rectangle outline in the image.  

  4. Oval: Allows you to create an oval-shaped outline in the image 

  5. Text: Allows you to insert text in the image.

  6. Arrow: Allows you to insert an arrow in the image.

  7. Draw: Enables a pencil icon that allows you to draw on the image.

  8. Injection: In the image, you can mark where you want to insert an injection and also mention the dosage quantity. 

  9. Redo: You can redo the last change made to the image.   

  10. Clear All: Removes all annotation changes you marked in the image. 


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