With the Consumer Mobile App (CMA), your guests can get the location directions to your center. 

You can configure the app notifications to your guest when a new appointment is booked. When the guest taps on the notification, the location of the center is opened on a map and the guest can choose to get the directions to the center.

To configure the guest directions notification

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level. 

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Email/Texts.
    The email settings page opens. 

  3. Scroll down to locate Zenoti Go.

  4. Click Edit beside Guest - Directions.
    Note: This notification can only be sent through the mobile app. Text and Email notifications are not applicable. The Guest Direction Push Notification page opens. 

    5. Configure the following options:
         a. Select the Turn This Automated Push Message ON checkbox.
         b. Use the Available Macros to compose the push message.
         c. Click Save.
             When your guests receive this push notification on their mobile device,
             they are suggested to tap on the message to view the directions to the                           center. Upon tapping the message, depending on the device, either Google                   Maps or Apple Maps will open. The guests can then choose to start
             the navigation and get the directions to the center.

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