To accept credit card payments, you will need to pair your Ingenico iSMP4 card reader to your iPad.
Note that the iPad must already have the Zenoti Mobile POS installed.

To pair your Ingenico iSMP4 Card Reader to your iPad

  1. Ensure that your Ingenico iSMP4 card reader is adequately charged.

  2. On the iPad, open Settings and turn on Bluetooth.

   3. Turn the Ingenico iSMP4 card reader ON by pressing the power button on
       the right side of the device.

        The BT Pairing Required message appears on the card reader.

    4. Press the F1 button on the device.
        Note: When you press F1, the device scans for available iOS Bluetooth devices.
        If you are using a non - iOS device, then press F2.  
        The iSMP4 scans for available Bluetooth iOS devices. 

         5. Press F2 (down) or F3 (up) keys to scroll and locate your iPad on the
             iSMP4 device.

       6. Press the Green button on the iSMP4 device to select your iPad.

            A Bluetooth pairing pin appears.

            On the iPad, a pop-up to enter the PIN appears
            Note: The name of the device may appear as Cordless Phone. This is
            a common device naming error. You can proceed to enter the PIN.

       7. Enter the PIN that is visible on the iSMP4 device in the iPad and tap Pair.
          The following happens:
          - On the iPad: The iSMP4 card reader appears under My Devices as connected.
          - On the iSMP4: This lane closed message appears.

       Important: If you do not enter the PIN on your iPad within 1 minute of seeing
       the prompt, the pairing will time out and you must enter a new PIN.

    8. On your iPad, launch Zenoti Mobile POS and tap Settings.
         The Settings screen opens.
    9. Tap Connected Card Readers.
        You should see your card reader listed here.

      Note: You can validate if the iPad is connected to the correct device by the                   number that appears on the Connected Card Readers screen. This
      number should match the number on the back-side of the device. 

      This indicates that the card reader setup is complete and you are ready to
      collect payments.

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