You can make your image as a link in your template when you are creating a email campaign using the Campaign editor. This link is clickable and when your guests click the image, it redirects them to required page of your website. 

1. Navigate to the email editor to create an email campaign.  
   The email content editor opens. 

2. Click the Layout Editor.
    The options in the right bar appear.
3. Drag and drop the Link Block to the required cell.
4. Drag and drop the Image option exactly inside the Link Block

    The Select image window appears. 

5. Type the URL for the image in the text box that appears in the Select image
     window  and double click to insert the image.
     Note: To create a URL for an image stored on your device,
     refer: Upload Image to the Zenoti Image Gallery.
6. Select the upward arrow icon for the image to select the parent cell. 

7. Click the Component Editor icon.
    The option to add a link to your image appears in the Component Settings.
8. Do the following actions in the fields that appear: 

  • Title: Enter the name for your link.

  • Href: Enter the link in the Href field to insert the link for the image. 

  • Target: Select one of the following option from the drop-down list:
       - This window: Opens the link in the same window.
       - New window: Opens the link in a new window.

The link is inserted to the image.

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