You can add or edit text in your template when your are creating an email campaign using the Campaign editor. 

Add and edit the text in your template

1. Navigate to the email editor to create an email campaign.
   The email content editor opens. 

2. Drag and drop the Text option from the right bar into the cell.
    The text box allows you to enter text.
3. Enter text in the text box.
4. Click the Style Editor.
    The options to edit the cell appears.
5. Click Typography.
    The options to edit your text appears.
6. Select the text and then click options to make changes like editing the font type,    
     font size, font color, alignment, and shadow effect.
     Note: To change the font color of your text, click the Font color drop-down list,    
     select a color from the color palette, and click OK.

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