This article will help you learn how to use Auto Pay to collect payments on Zenoti Mobile.

To take payment using Auto-Pay on Zenoti Mobile

1. From the Zenoti Mobile menu, access Appointments.

2. Tap the Auto-pay guest’s appointment.

3. Change the appointment status to Check-in.

The guest’s saved card is authorized at check-in.

4. At the bottom of the appointment screen, tap Auto Pay while taking payment.

The payment is processed, and you get a confirmation message, “Auto-pay successful.”

In case the card authorization fails at check-in, the Auto Pay option is disabled, and the failure message Authorization failed for this invoice. Please collect payment in-store. appears in the lower panel of the appointment screen

You can then proceed to collect the payment by clicking on the Take Payment Manually button.

You can view the Failed and Pending Auto-pay transactions on Zenoti Mobile by navigating to the POS screen and tapping the Complete Auto-pay icon to revise the payment.

Auto-pay is also available on the Appointment book and Queue.

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