The steps of what happens when Auto-pay is unsuccessful are as follows:

  1. The front-desk staff see the appointment for Julia on the selected date and time. The appointment block shows the Auto-pay icon that indicates that this guest has Auto-pay enabled. 

2. Julia enters the center and checks-in to her appointment either from the CMA, the Kiosk, or from the front desk.

3. Julia’s saved card is authorized as soon as she checks-in to her appointment.

For example, if Julia booked an appointment for a Balinese Massage that costs $100.00 and if she configures 10% as her tip, the card will be authorized for a total amount of $110.00 ($100.00 + $10.00).

4. After the services are completed, Julia walks out of the center.

5. The front-desk staff collects the payment by selecting the AutoPay option from the context menu of the appointment block.

The payment fails.

6. The front-desk staff receives an alert for the failed transaction. 

7. [Option A]: If Julia did not leave the center yet, the front -desk staff can collect the charges from her in-store.

8. [Option B]: If Julia has left the center, she will receive a notification stating that the Auto-pay transaction did not go through. The CMA will not allow Julia to book a new appointment until the payment for this failed transaction is made.

9. The front-desk staff can also message or call Julia to let her know about the failed payment.

10. If the front- desk staff wants to book a new appointment for Julia, a notification about the pending Auto-pay amount pops up.

11. The front- desk staff can view all the Failed transactions of Auto-pay when they click the Auto-pay icon in the Appointment Book. The front- desk staff can follow-up with the guests and complete any failed Auto-pay transactions by opening the invoice from the Auto-Pay Failures tab.

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