The steps of what happens when card fails at authorization for an Auto-pay appointment are as follows:

  1. The front-desk staff sees the appointment for Julia on the selected date and time. The appointment block shows the Auto-pay icon that indicates that this guest has Auto-pay enabled. 

2. Julia enters the center and checks-in to her appointment either from the CMA, the Kiosk, or from the front desk.

3. Julia’s saved card is authorized as soon as she checks-in to her appointment.
The card fails the authorization.

4. The Autopay button on the context menu of the appointment block is disabled when the card fails authorization.

5. On the POS screen, the front-desk staff sees the following message that states that the card has failed authorization.

 6. The front-desk staff informs Julia that her card has failed authorization, and collect the payment in-store using another card, or by another payment method.

7. The front-desk staff can also check all the failed transactions (Auto-pay and Authorization) in the Appointment Book when they click the Auto-pay icon.

8. They can click the Invoice number to open the invoice and collect the payment.

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