The steps to redeem membership credits for Auto-pay appointment are as follows:

  1. The front-desk staff sees the appointment for Julia on the selected date and time. The appointment block shows the Auto-pay icon indicating that the guest has Auto-pay enabled. 

2. Julia enters the center and checks-in to her appointment either from the CMA, the Kiosk, or from the front desk.

3. Julia’s saved card is authorized as soon as she checks-in to her appointment.

For example, if Julia booked an appointment for a Balinese Massage that costs $100.00 and if she configures 10% as her tip, the card will be authorized for a total amount of $110.00 ($100.00 + $10.00).

4. After the services are completed, Julia walks out of the center.

5. The front desk collects the payment by selecting the AutoPay option from the context menu of the appointment block.

Julia's membership credits are redeemed first. The balance amount (if any), is charged onto the card.
Note: This process is done entirely in the backend and does not require any
manual intervention. 

Example:  If Julia took a massage worth $100.00, and she selects 15% as the tips on her mobile device, then the invoice will be raised for $115 ($100.00 Service +         $15.00 Tip).
Julia has a Gold Membership with free service credits of $100.00 for massage. After the front-desk staff selects AutoPay, the membership credit is applied and only the balance of $15.00 (Tip) is charged to Julia’s saved card through AutoPay.

The front desk and Julia are notified of the successful payment.

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